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development: OCEAN FILIBUSTER @ the A.R.T.

A great week of work at the American Repertory Theater with Lisa D’Amour on our newest piece. Taylor Mac stepped in as our performer, and we’ve reunited with our old collaborator Sxip Shirey (SLABBER) on the sound design and song composition.  December 2017


guest director: UCSD – WHAT OF THE NIGHT?

Katie is the 2017 Quinn Martin Guest Chair of Directing at UCSD, where she will teach a collaborative creation class for all incoming MFA students and direct WHAT OF THE NIGHT? by Maria Irene Fornes. November 2017


Katie is one of the playwrights invited to contribute a short piece to Climate Change Theater Action. Her play APPRECIATION will be performed around the country and is currently being adapted for performance in Greek at the ‘Art for Change 17’ festival in Athens, Greece by performer Olivia Kaloudi.  October 2017


Ocean Filibuster is taking shape!  PearlDamour is finishing a complete draft and will be working with the amazing Daniel Alexander Jones a performer to develop it further. September 2017

guest artist:  SUNY PURCHASE

Katie introduces ‘Conversation Constellations’ to the advanced playwriting students at SUNY Purchase as a tool to develop their new plays.  One day workshop, September 2018

production: RED HILLS

Katie directs the new play RED HILLS by Sean Christopher Lewis, co-produced by Quantum Theatre (Pittsburgh) and En Garde Arts (NYC).  Premiering in Pittsburgh August 2017, coming to NYC May 2018.

production: MILTON in Milton, MA

Katie directs MILTON and shepherds the Elder Milton Playfest into performance in Milton, MA.  These two productions are key pieces of MILTON RELFECTING, PealDamour’s year-long collaboration with the town of Milton, MA to bring creative programming to Miltonians of all ages in order to provide opportunities to talk about, reflect on, and celebrate that extraordinary diversity of that town.   May/June 2017


Lisa D’Amour and I dive into development for our new commission from the A.R.T. and Harvard University Center for the Environment– a piece about the deep oceans (…and that’s pretty much all we know!). Stay tuned for more.  American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA.  December 2016

reading: TOWN HALL

Join us for the reading I’m directing of Caridad Svich’s new piece for four actors. Town Hall is about being an audience, about the times in which we live, about what we could do to change the world. Ensemble Studio Theater, New York City   Dec 2, 2016

performance: AFTER ORLANDO

My piece “Today is a Good Day” will next be performed at Brandeis University as part of the Missing Bolts/No Passport/ Daryl Roth action After Orlando. Spingold Theater Center, Brandeis University, Waltham MA   Dec 1, 2016

conference: National Performance Network

I’m an invited artist at the NPN annual convening in Austin– representing PearlDamour and also sharing some of my individual work. Looking forward to reconnecting with folks in town and from around the country.  Austin is where I grew up as a theater-maker in the mid-90’s– both with local companies like Physical Plant and with PearlDamour– and it feels so nice to be back. If you’re at the conference and want to meet up, shoot me an email!  Austin, TX Post Conference Update: Watch the 6 minute  “Art Burst” performance I did at NPN– an excerpt from my show-in-progress ok Ok OK!