landMARK Installations

Viewing Stations

As part of PearlDamour’s 24-hour performance event on the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in 2006.  These 3 viewing stations offered people an unusual vantage with which to view the Stone Arch Bridge. Made with reclaimed wood found in garages and basements around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Self-Guided Tour: Stone Arch Bridge

As part of PearlDamour’s 24-hour performance event on the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in 2006. This Self-Guided Tour gave visitors the chance to deepen their relationship to the bridge and its surrounding area by paying tribute to fictional people memorialized in the booklet.

fixing providence

A collaboration with graduate students in the Public Humanities department at Brown University. Providence is notorious amongst residents for the terrible maintenance of its roads and sidewalks. We thought we’d lend the city a hand.  2015.


Conceived by Katie Pearl
Created by Katie Pearl & Megan M. Reilly in 2012

FORESTS-IN-STORAGE is a series of interactive installations in storage units across Austin.  Interested visitor-participants found the location of active units via a website, through which they contacted a Caretaker to arrange for a visit.  After meeting a Caretaker at the space and receiving instructions, the visits were completely self-moderated and could last any length of time. A simple text message alerted the Caretaker that a visit was over and the unit was free for another guest.

The forest found inside each storage unit was unique to that locker – made of different materials and carrying its own aesthetic and logic, Each was brought to life by its visitor in a different way, inviting both playful activity and quiet contemplation. The experience was meant to be playful, empowering, secret, and special: the imaginative leap this project made allowed guests to fully inhabit the stored forests, opening a door to some potential future reality in which forests are mostly a memory and must be kept in storage lockers, manufactured from a mix of research, longing, and the materials on hand.

You can see two forests here: “DIY #1: Evening Picnic” and “DIY #2:Mangrove Swamp”.

Milton Installations

The Granoff Center

An interactive MILTON installation at Brown University, December 13-17th 2014.

The gallery was set up with all the elements of the show: floating clouds, tables with Milton artifacts and pictures, and models of buildings in each Milton. But instead of having audience chairs for people to watch actors, we filled the space with comfortable couches and lawn chairs… so after dark, people could come in, relax, and do some Milton sky-gazing.

The Milton Public Library

We brought all 5 Miltons into one room for this month-long exhibit (November 2016).  Under sky projected onto the walls and ceiling of the gallery, people were invited to explore artifacts, pictures, and models of buildings from each Milton– as well as listen to people from each Milton talk about their lives and world-views.

Community Dreamcatcher

A part of Milton Reflecting, created with Milton, MA artist Sue Hoy. This Community Dream Catcher will remain installed in the lobby of the public library for an entire year. Residents are invited to write their dreams for Milton on slips of paper that can be hung under the dream catcher. At the end of the year, the dreams will be compiled and used for assessment and further local action.